The beginning

So basically my dad had this idea to build a camper van, move into it for a few months and drive around the U.S. We all thought he was joking, but here we are, about to get inside it. My dad bought a completely empty van and ordered seats and other stuff. If you were able to see it now, you would be impressed. There are seats, beds, kitchen sink, oven, even a bathroom! Anyway, he took this completely empty camper van and spent weeks working on it. Meanwhile, our extremely generous friends took us in. We’ve been here quite a while. He completed the camper van a few days ago, so now all we’re waiting for is the license plates. Two nights ago was the first time that we slept in the camper van as a whole family (even Cocoa, our dog!). I still can’t believe we are actually doing this!

3 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. WOW, what an adventurer for all of you. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I am going to try to meet up with you all at one of your destinations. Love to you and all the family.


  2. This will be the adventure of a lifetime! I am thrilled that you are going to be keeping us up to date. Please include photos!! I miss you already!
    Aunt Missy


  3. Sounds like a fun adventure & I’m sure you’ll learn a lot! I’m excited to read your blog & would enjoy seeing some pictures also! Love, Mitzi’s mom Kerri & Brooke, Lexi, Zoey, & Zachary’s grandma!


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