Days 1 and 2.

The first part of the trip was from our friends’ house to Asheville, a personal request from me, because of Biltmore. On day 1 we traveled there. We slept at a friendly inn that allowed overnight camping. The place was called Cracker Barrel. On day 2, we were at Biltmore until about 4 o’clock p.m. While my mom and I went inside the estate, my dad, my two siblings and our dog enjoyed the woods that surround it. Biltmore is amazing. There is over 200 rooms in Biltmore, and the library has only half of a 22,000 collection of books. If you love Biltmore and books, I would suggest the Serafina series, a fantasy series by Robert Beatty, the setting is Biltmore. After Biltmore we were on the road again, headed west towards Austin.

Me with Biltmore in the background.
The view from the middle of the Grand Staircase. Imagine how far down it would look from the top!
View of forest from the Loggia.
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