What’s it like to live in a camper van with 5 people and a dog?

One of the biggest differences between a house and a camper van is that the camper van is a house on wheels, and a house doesn’t really go anywhere. Another difference is the size. A camper van is not very big, and while some houses are about the same size as the camper van, our house before this was a lot bigger. It’s infuriating how little space we have, I think it would drive almost anyone crazy.

“Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space!” (Can you guess the source of this quote?!”

Time zones are going to change (In fact one of them just changed about now) a lot, which will bug everyone the whole trip. Another annoying thing is that we have to take turns getting our clothes on, there’s only room for one person to stand at a time! And we spend a lot of time moving things around because while everything has its place, some places are behind, under, or in-between other places!! Some similarities between houses and camper vans are that me and my family have lived in them both, and they’re both used for sleeping and storing stuff that we need. Our camper van has most of the stuff that houses have, just smaller. It has a bathroom, a mini-fridge (basically a cooler with different drawers) and a kitchen sink. There is no shower, though! We have to rely on campground showers when we need one.

Cocoa’s riding spot

I like that the camper van forces us to be close together, which helps us make exceptionally strong bonds of love (or hatred…!). Every morning, we wake up, wait a few minutes until everyone is awake (I usually help Cocoa up on my bed and snuggle with her) and then we go outside to eat breakfast. After breakfast, my parents pack up my bed (It’s on top of the seats) and alter a few other things, and then we pack up all our stuff, double-check for anything we might have missed. Then, we’re back on the road.

One way to keep the peace – Music: the great escape!

Another cool thing about the camper van is that we get home-schooled. We use a program on the iPad called Acellus, and on that we do Math, Science, Language Arts, Spanish (I also take German), and Coding. We have lots of field trips, so that counts as our Social Studies. In the evenings, we park, have dinner, and then my parents set up my bed again.

Van school

7 thoughts on “What’s it like to live in a camper van with 5 people and a dog?

  1. Your a very good blogger Osker! I loved the music comment…the great escape & one way to keep the peace😂 Good luck in your tiny space & sweet dreams!

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  2. Hi oskar, this is Caroline. that sounds kind of fun and annoying. Fun because being home schooled and Juliet’s bed sounds fun. Annoying because you have to keep moving stuff around, and you have to find a different place to shower. anyway, I hope I’ll see you soon!

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    1. Hello, Oskar, Isaac and Juliett. The camping actually sounds pretty fun to me, well, not the camping, just the home- schooling, like you don’t have to walk all the way to a bus stop like me and Caroline, and it doesn’t sound as boring as our school. Well, at least we’re doing a big exhibition this year that we’re presenting on the 15th of November, so we have to work on that a lot, and we’re missing most of our classes like Natural and Social Science, math, English and language arts. Well, we’re moving pretty soon, and we might see you when we move.

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