A day in the life of a dog traveler in a camper van

My turn to drive!

I woke up, confused and disoriented. Where was I? Then I remembered. I was stuck in a thing similar to a car, just bigger. I climbed up onto the seat where my male person usually sat. I could see concrete and other cars. I felt a soft touch on my head. I looked up and saw one of my younger people’s hands. He softly petted me. I whined. He heard me and kissed my forehead.

“It’s okay, Cocoa.” he said.

I got out of the seat and crawled under his bed. When I came out on the other side, I put my front paws on his bed. He smiled and picked me up and put me on his bed. ‘I like this’ I thought as I snuggled up next to him. He smiled and continued petting me. After a while, I heard rustling from my male person’s bed. I sat up. ‘Is he awake?’ I thought. ‘Will he let me out?’ He got out of bed and came over. I put my front paws on the highest part of the bed. He laughed and petted me. ‘I love my life.’ I thought.

“Good morning dad,” my younger person said. “Good morning,” Dad, as the pup human called him, replied. I realized I had to go to the bathroom. Dad opened the door and I immediately hopped out. I hurried over to some bushes and did my business. After, I came back to Dad who put the leash on me. We went for a short walk.

When I came back, my people were sitting in their seats. I hopped in, and as soon as Dad got settled, the house started moving. I felt a bit queasy at first, but as my people petted me, I felt better. When it stopped, all of my people except for the older female got out. I claimed Dad’s seat for myself. It was a bit boring, but not very long until they came back. One of the younger ones handed the female a package that smelled wonderful. I recognized it as cheese. ‘Can I have some?’ I thought. “Here you go mom.” the little thing said. Mom put the cheese on a piece of bread that had come with the cheese. Suddenly, there was a noise from the back. Mom turned to look, and the cheese was right in front of my face. I couldn’t resist. I took a nice lick of the cheese.

The little ones burst out laughing. “What happened?” Mom asked. “She… Cocoa licked your cheese!” One of them said between laughs. I couldn’t see what was so funny. I was hungry and it smelled so good. Mom and Dad started laughing too. Mom took the whole cheese thing and gave it to me. ‘Yum!’ I thought. We then started on the road after the little ones ate something that had chocolate on it. I had a piece once. It made me sick, but it was worth it. It was so good.

The cheese stealer

During the drive, the littles had their eyes on some kind of witchcraft. They called it iPads. And there were people and other things inside it! I could hear them talking and see them! Those iPads are so weird. I was so confused, but what caught my attention was that, one of the littles asked for some food, and Mom pulled it out. ‘You have more food?’ I wanted to ask.

A few minutes later, there was a loud ringing noise. Mom pulled out something that looked like a mini-iPad. She looked at it, and clicked something. The noise stopped.

“It’s Mike.” She handed the mini-iPad to Dad. That made everything even more confusing. Dad talked in the mini-iPad for a few minutes, then the noise stopped. He handed it to Mom who put it away. “Mom, I’m done with school.” the little female said. “Okay. Just wait a minute and I’ll give you your next thing.” Mom said.

We finally got to a place where we were going to have dinner. As they sat and ate dinner, I had to sit there and suffer. The food smelled so good, so much better than my normal dog food. One of them didn’t finish their burger. Dad had it in a box. I sat at his feet like a good dog. He gave it to me in pieces. I was so happy. We drove a little bit longer, and stopped. As always, everything was new. I sniffed around a ton. Then, I got put back inside. I fell asleep curled up in a ball, with Oskar petting me, dreaming about cheeseburgers.


3 thoughts on “A day in the life of a dog traveler in a camper van

  1. Good work Cocoa, you’re a lucky dog. Glad to know I’m not the only one who falls asleep dreaming of cheeseburgers.


  2. Oskar, I love to read your stories.
    I think you would enjoy a book called “Three men in a boat”. It’s about three guys and a dog on a long boat trip down the Thames river in England. They have lots of adventures and tell each other stories. It’s a little like a blog in the early 2900s.


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