It’s white, it’s soft, it’s fluffy… is it snow?

What´s snow doing in the desert?

This place located near Las Cruces, New Mexico is strangely white for out in the desert. What would snow be doing out in the desert? A few typical desert plants live in this unnatural biome, mice and other small animals live in this biome during the day, while kit foxes take control during the night. Only a few plants can live here, with the wind blowing the white stuff around, covering live plants and a few days later uncovering their bodies. One type of plant that has adapted to this biome grows larger every time it is buried, so the new flowers and other parts can stay alive. Another plant can survive being buried, and when it gets un-buried, it’s roots are deep enough that it can stay standing. Kit foxes and other animals of the same size often make their dens among the uncovered parts of the roots. I know you’re still wondering what the white is. The answer is gypsum. Everything that is now gypsum was once covered by ocean. When the ocean dried out, it left behind tons of gypsum, which over time got pushed into various shapes and sizes by the wind. Another interesting fact about the White Sands National Park (which is the name of the place) is that the gypsum has water inside it. This helps it from being completely swept away from the wind, and also, when a drought happened in the area, the White Sands was one of the few places that stayed moist. Scientists are still working on the mystery of how the water is there. A little side note is that my siblings and I had so much fun sliding down the dunes. Here are a few photos of us having fun in the White Sands.

Everything was perfectly white before we stepped in it.
“I just fell!” my brother says.
Even Cocoa had fun, charging around at us. She seemed to have been locked up in a camper for too long.
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