Zion National Park – guest post by Juliett

First we drove through the park. It is very beautiful. There are lots animals in the park and they will cross the road anywhere, any time. So beware!

My mom and dad said we were going to sleep in a campground before we saw the rest of the park. I was mad because I wanted to sleep far away from people – in nature! The road up to the campsite was so rocky, I couldn’t handle it! It felt like we were tipping back and forth like on a boat. The edge was steep and close. When we got to the top it was beautiful. My dad asked me if we were far enough away from other people. I said maybe it was too far! At the campsite, Cocoa got pricked by cactuses – she came back looking like a porcupine!

The next day in the park there were a lot of trees and a lot of people.

When you are hiking, if you look very, very close you can see people climbing on the steep rock walls. Sometimes they even sleep while hanging off the cliff!

There is a shuttle bus and you can see a lot on it, if you ride it. If you walk all the way up the mountain, it feels really good to ride it! (You can even stand up on it!)

There is a waterfall and you can go under it if you want to!

Under the waterfall

The holes in the rock were fun to climb through. We found a secret tunnel that people over 8 don’t fit in.

There was a creek with rocks beside it and we got to climb on the rocks. It is easy to climb up and then you can slide down it! There was one part that was super hard to climb.

We enjoyed our time in Zion National Park!

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