Is it Bryce or Rice?

Or Rice?

This blog post is about… another national monument! And it’s another canyon! It’s not as big as the Grand Canyon though. And, it has a funny name, Bryce Canyon, which we nicknamed ‘Rice Canyon’ for no reason other than how close they sound (no, the canyon is not made of rice, although that would be really cool). It was a pretty long hike since we went into the canyon and then back up. There was lots of cool towers of rocks precariously balanced on top of each other (thank goodness none of them fell!).

It seemed like one of them would suddenly start tipping and then Kaboom and one of the towers is shorter.

We went through several openings in rocks that looked a lot like portal doors to the alien planet. They looked pretty awesome. They were all pretty close together.

My brother doesn’t look happy to be in the photo, does he. As I said, portal door.

The canyon was another amazing Painted Mesa, (I really wonder how they’re formed) it does look like some giant took a giant paint bucket of orange, and dropped it over the mountains, then found out somebody had dribbled white paint in the bucket also. This Painted Mesa is smaller than the other one we saw, and it only has two colors: orange and white.

From the top, the canyon looked painted orange with a few spots of white here and there.

This is another amazing National Monument that, sadly, will never be filled with rice. Enjoy the photos please.

A quick, needed break to stretch our achy legs.
Supergirl pushes the cliffs apart to make a passageway.

One thought on “Is it Bryce or Rice?

  1. I love all your posts. Thanks for bringing us along on the trip. The rocks do look like they were formed by someone stacking one on top of the other. Maybe they were. Love and miss all of you terribly.


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