Freak Alley Gallery & The Brave Squirrel


You enter a small alley. Everything seems normal, until you glance at the walls. They’re covered with paintings of all kinds! The wall has not a single blank space on it, and some people’s drawings are squeezed in between others. There are words, drawings, paintings and more. Everything is covered. Doors, signs, windows and more, these paintings are everywhere.

Paintings like this are all over. They’re artistic, lifelike and they use up free space.

As you go on, there are several turn-offs going to the street. You glance down one of them and see the same thing: paintings. You don’t feel like leaving yet, so you keep going, staring at the pictures that are beautiful, unusual, strange and understandable at the same time.

Everything is everywhere.
They use door space too.


After the Freak Alley and the Basque Museum, we went to a park.

There was a fun statue of a woman giving a child an apple.

We found a playground and while my siblings played, we set up lunch. During lunch, a brave squirrel came up to us.

At first he was only under the table.

My dad kicked out at him and he fled. But later, the funniest thing happened. As we were all eating lunch, the squirrel (the same one) leapt onto the bench and onto the table. I was the only one who saw it at first, but then, my dad looked up and he was looking right at the squirrel. We all started laughing, and then the squirrel almost jumped into mom’s lap. Eventually, he left.

But then, he got braver and got on the table.
He almost went on my mom’s lap!

From an Alley filled with paintings to the Basque Museum to brave squirrels, there was lots of fun things about Boise. Until later, bye.

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