Bend, Oregon

This time, I’m taking a break from National Parks for a blog post about another city. During our time in Bend, it didn’t snow (but there was snow on the ground). We had fun throwing snowballs, at least, until the wetness finally hit us and we scurried into the warmth of the camper. We parked at the beginning of a trail called Oregon Bad Lands for 2 nights, but we didn’t go on the trail since it was too cold and too full of snow. Bend was a nice little town, but it was too cold for my mom. We only have about 6-7 places left, so we’ll be finishing this crazy journey soon. 🥳🥳🥳

We were slipping and sliding the whole way on snow-covered roads.

We had a good time in Bend, and we were back to the crazy life of the camper van since we had been staying in a house for a while. It was soooooo cold in the camper at night, I went to sleep cold with two fleece blankets, two shirts, a sweatshirt with a hood and a hat (plus fleece pants). Cocoa had such a good time in the snow. It was like that was where she felt at home. We took off from Bend on Monday, and we took a quick stop after 2 hours in the car. We found an IPad and found out who it belonged to. We also found another thing that reminded us of Spain. Madrone trees! The symbol of Madrid is a bear and a madrone tree. Madrones are strawberry trees, though they don’t grow strawberries (strange, am I right?). We went back on the road driving the final 3 hours to the Redwood Forest.

Madrone tree.
Madrone tree berries look like little tiny oranges.
Precarious icy turns were a big worry in this part of the journey.

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