From sea to shining sea

We made it to the West Coast! All the way from the East Coast to the West Coast in less than 6 months! We are now driving through California as I write, with three spots left to check out! After that, it’s just the elimination process to determine where we’re going! A bonus fact is we just hit 8,000 miles on this trip! As of today, right now, it’s about 8,300 miles.

Here’s proof! This is one hour into our five hour trip to a hotel near Sacramento yesterday.

We went through several places in Washington and Oregon (they are Kennewick and Yakima in Washington and Bend in Oregon). Kennewick was a no-no because it was really small and you already heard about Bend being too cold in my previous blog post. Yakima seemed good, though my mom thought it was a bit cold. We are now headed towards Sacramento, after that, we will head to San Diego and Carson City, which will be our last two spots.

Anyway, this blog post is gonna be mostly about Yakima, but I wanted to add the part above because it’s exciting. So, here’s about Yakima.

Yakima was a city in Washington. An interesting fact is that at some point, it almost became the capitol of Washington! The land around Yakima produces tons of delicious produce and most of the nation’s hops. What are hops you ask? Hops are the seed pods of a vine plant and are used to produce beer. We sadly don’t have any pictures of it, so I’ll just have to explain it with words. Yakima was a nice place, and I’m pretty sure my dad liked it. Although, even my dad admitted it was cold and the sun goes down at 4pm. Yakima was a lot of crops, and not much else. So, really, it was produce city. It was kind of big though.

The only other thing we saw was a river in a beautiful canyon. We got out and got in quickly since it was cold. Other than that, we just drove around and then continued because it was calling for lots of snow and my parents were worried about some of the mountain passes we had to drive through. We drove through the first mountain pass and then slept at a rest area. When we woke up there was snow all over the place!

We decided to go into a town and have breakfast at a cafe so the snow plows could clear the snow.

The roads were pretty bad when we got off the highway and my dad had to put chains on our tires! All the trucks on the highway had chains on their tires too. In fact, it’s the law on some of these roads that you have to carry chains all winter and then there are signs that light up when you have to use them. When we got back on the highway, the roads were pretty good and we got safely back to Boise.

Waiting in the cafe!

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