Really? It’s against the law to back into a parking space here?!!

After the Redwoods we headed south to Sacramento. Along the way we saw a sign that reminded us of home:

Sacramento was a neat place. We wandered around the historic part of the city that still looks like an old western town.

Old Town

Dad made a new friend that weirded Cocoa out:

Pioneer Square was a pretty place to stop for an afternoon merienda.

Danny’s Mini Donuts lived up to their advertising – hot and delicious!

While we were eating our donuts we could look down into a sunken patio area. The whole city used to be at the level of the patio, which made for a lot of flooding! Over time, the city was built up to the present street level.

At the old train station, Juliett found a train with a surprising destination! We didn’t get to ride on it but Juliett did get to sit on Santa’s lap.

Polar Express

This statue of a rider on a horse marks something you may have heard of before – the Pony Express! It was a system of mail delivery in the 1800s. A series of riders on horses carried mail back and forth between the western U.S. and the eastern U.S. The first letter left Sacramento on April 3, 1860 and arrived in St. Joseph, Missouri ten days later! In the whole time of its operation, one rider was killed by Indians and only one shipment was lost! We’re glad we can communicate faster than that today!

Pony Express

Downtown Sacramento is a fun place to walk around. The state government buildings are pretty and there is a park behind the state Capitol that has trees from all over the country! One of our favorite things about Sacramento is the number of foreign languages we heard while walking around and playing on the playground. Sacramento is one of the most diverse cities in the country.


Another favorite part was the number of bike trails in the city. It would be easy to move all over the city on two wheels and there are miles of trails along beautiful scenery such as this spot on the American River.


So if you’re thinking about living in California, Sacramento might be a good choice. But…. just remember there are a lot of rules and you never know when they might be enforced. Thankfully, we didn’t get a ticket for violating the no backwards parking rule at the park but we did learn that you should read the tiny writing on all the signs!!

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