These trees are so tall, you can’t see the tops!

This isn’t even half of the trees! They’re super tall.

This is a giant National Park filled with giant trees! It’s called the Redwood National Park and it stretches very far (although it’s mostly all in California). This National Park is so big that we spent two days touring it. On the first day, we stayed at a campsite in the woods. There were so many little clearings for me and my siblings to explore. We found some cool stuff like a giant mushroom. It looked like a sculpture of a woman with a red cloak but no head.

Weird, right?

We were all amazed by the size of the trees. We all had sore necks the next day from looking up at the trees.

Some interesting information about the Redwood trees are that Redwood seeds are about the size of a tomato seed! To think that something so big grew from something as small as that! The redwoods are part of the same family as the giant sequoias. The scientific name for the coastal redwoods (which are the ones we saw) is sequoia sempervirens. Redwoods grow taller than giant sequoias, but the giants sequoias grow thicker. The reason the redwoods grow so tall is because they have good defenses and are perfectly suited to the cool, damp weather of the Northwest coast. They have about a foot thick bark so no animals can hurt them and produce a lot of tannin which discourages bugs from nibbling them. The redwoods are one of the plants that have been alive for a very long time, about 240 million years, way back to the time of the dinosaurs! The coastal redwoods can live to about 2000 years! The redwoods are very cool trees that can show us a lot about history

The second day, we slept at a campsite on Gold Bluffs Beach, where gold was found in the 1850s. We saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We dug a big hole at Gold Bluffs and also made friends with another family in a camper like us. We even saw some seals on one of our drives! Actually, we’re still debating whether they were seals or sea lions, but either way, they were cool!

Nope, not gold, just rocks.

We also went to a canyon called Fern Canyon. It was pretty cool since we were walking on logs most of the times to avoid getting wet.

Treacherous crossings, but fun.

Did you know, parts of Jurassic Park were filmed in Fern Canyon? You can Click Here to see a scene from the movie that shows Fern Canyon (it is a dinosaur attack, so it might be a little scary for little kids). Another cool thing is that some parts of Star Wars were also filmed in the Redwood National Park.

More Fern Canyon
Redwoods in the background!

There was a funny sign at the trailhead. It read Caution. Aggressive elk. And it showed a man getting hit by an elk. The real elks we saw later seemed pretty tame in comparison!

Mom made us take a picture of us looking scared.
Those aggressive elks!

We had a really good time in the Redwoods. It was a really cool National Park with lots of things to explore. Until later, goodbye.

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