Arizona’s Christmas City

Guest Post by Mom

Christmas in Prescott

If cactuses, red rocks, and HOT come to mind when you hear the word Arizona, this area in the northern part of the state will surprise you.At an elevation over 5000 feet, Yavapai County and its county seat Prescott occupy a very different climate than Phoenix or Tucson. Prescott is known for mild four-season weather and is an attractive retirement destination. It is also surprisingly green!

Coming in to town

The Prescott National Forest surrounds the city and a number of small lakes are just outside the city limits.

Cocoa hoping for some Christmas duck.
A great place for rock climbing!

It has a historic downtown area and an overall “small town” feel with access to tons of hiking and biking trails. If you are looking for a place to grow strong lungs, here’s your place!

Is that Santa’s reindeer?
Around town

Prescott is also known as Arizona’s Christmas City and goes all out on Christmas lights, parades and activities. The downtown courthouse is decorated in thousands of colorful lights that look even more spectacular against Mother Nature’s own light display.

One thing we found funny is an outcropping that pokes out above the city. It is called Thumb Butte and it kind of looks like the mountains giving Prescott a “thumbs up”!

Thumb Butte giving Prescott a thumbs up.

We all enjoyed the beautiful weather, greenery and hiking trails around Prescott. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to drop into Marino’s Mob for yummy hamburgers and ice cream.

One thought on “Arizona’s Christmas City

  1. Oskar, you are a talented writer. I can picture myself right along with you. I also love how you weave in factual information about the towns or roads on which you travel.


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