The lowest we’ve ever been.

This blog post is about Death Valley. It is about 5 hours from Carson City, and 5 hours from Prescott. We stayed here for a night. An interesting fact is that Death Valley is below sea level, so we camped at about 200 feet below sea level, though the lowest we went was 266 feet below sea level. That’s really deep. I’m glad there’s not an ocean in it!

You can see in the bottom left of the middle that it was indeed -266 feet above sea level, or 266 feet below sea level.

Another cool thing that happened is that we hit 9000 miles! For the first time ever, we actually took a picture at 9000 instead of after that.

See? 9000, wow, that’s a lot of miles!

The road was really bumpy, and our stomachs flipped several times during the trip. My sister begged for my dad to do it again, but she didn’t understand that he didn’t choose to do it, it just happened.

The crazy road.

Death Valley was named this because some pioneers entered this valley, and they got lost. They were all convinced they were going to die, but only one person did. Cocoa had lots of fun, and so did we. The view was pretty cool from the top, and cool from the bottom also. We slept in the camper van for the first time in a while. We found out that there was a golf course in the valley built in the 1930s as well as some bird sanctuaries. We saw the sunset as we drove in and it was beautiful. After that, we drove 5 hours to Prescott.

This is the view on the way down, unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture from the bottom.

Until next time, goodbye.

P.S. This is not a place we wanted to live, just so you know.

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