Where would you go?!

Well, we’ve seen a lot of places in these two months, and we thought we’d do a reflection on all of the cities we’ve been to. Each city has either one word or a phrase or sentence of some kind. Try to think about what place you would live in based on these words. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it, and also, a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Here are the cities.

Asheville, North Carolina

Dad: Moist. Mom: Green. Me: Sooooooo happy. Brother: Stink. Sister: Very fun

Austin, Texas

Dad: Funky with friends. Mom: All America. Me: It’s… not a desert? Brother: Awesome. Sister: Fun Service.

El Paso, Texas

Dad: Viva Mexico. Mom: Border town. Me: I can see Mexico?!?! Brother: Crazy. Sister: Fun camping.

Las Cruzes, New Mexico

Dad: A little sleepy. Mom: Doable. Me: Big lunch. Brother: Nice. Sister: White sand.

Flagstaff, Arizona

This picture is from Wikipedia, we did not take it.

Dad: Awesome downtown. Mom: Snow. Me: Drove right through without looking up. Brother: Freezing. Sister: Don’t remember.

Bizbee, Arizona

Dad: Three hours about covered it. Mom: Hippie. Me: “Best weather in the US”. Brother: Tiny. Sister: Deep mines.

Boise, Idaho

Dad: Who’d have thought they’d be so hip? Goose poooooop… Mom: Outdoors. Me: Not just potatoes. Brother: Good. Sister: Fun places to go.

Yakima, Washington (ack, we didn’t take any pictures!!)

Dad: Oh, but that canyon and river are so beautiful. Mom: Agriculture. Me: Average. Brother: Cold. Sister: Libraries.

Bend, Oregon

Dad: Pristine. Mom: COLD! Me: Snowy. Brother: Freezing. Sister: Fun snow.

Sacramento, California

Dad: Good depth. Mom: Diversity. Me: Interesting. Brother: Too many people. Sister: Christmas fun.

Carson City, Nevada

Dad: Nevada. Mom: Gorgeous. Me: Warm weather. Brother: Cold. Sister: Beautiful lakes.

Prescott, Arizona

Dad: Evolving. Mom: Old people. Me: Lots of hiking trails. Brother: Awesome. Sister: Has fun playgrounds.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dad: Shouldn’t it be pronounced Albuquirky? Because it’s quirky. Mom: Southwest. Me: Big city. Brother: Warm. Sister: I don’t know.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dad: The amber-yellow glow of the homes at night and the crystal clear skies will always be unforgettable. Mom: Artsy history. Me: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Brother: Colder than most places. Sister: Too cold.

Well, that’s all of the cities we’ve visited. I would really like if you would send me a comment saying which place you would pick based on these words. Thanks so much for sticking with me through this amazing journey. Until next time, goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Where would you go?!

  1. You forgot the best stop of all of them, Christiansburg VA! But only using the ones you mentioned and going from the descriptions it sounds like you saved the favorite for last – Santa Fe. I think muy favorite would be Bend Oregon or Asheville NC.


  2. Hmmm, I guess I would go for Santa Fe.
    Thanks for the entertaining and enlightening blog. Keep writing.
    Love you.


  3. Well I have loved coming along with you on your journey from following your blog. Based on the comments and pictures I would choose Austin, Texas and Sacramento, California. Wish you would settle somewhere so I can come see you. Love to all, Nana


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