The most confusing months of my life! (A summary through the eyes of Cocoa)

This blog post is our dog’s (Cocoa) most likely summary of the places she’s been. This will include National Parks as well as cities. -Oskar.


Asheville, North Carolina: I hope I don’t meet any black panthers!!

Austin, Texas: New people!

Cocoa poses with us for a picture

El Paso, Texas: No Chick-Fil-A for me? Come on!!!

Somewhere in Texas.
Cocoa looks into the bushes to see what she heard. Then, she starts off running.

Las Cruzes, New Mexico: Free quesadillas!

Flagstaff, Arizona: Why is daddy not getting out? I want his seat.

Cocoa decided the seats would be more comfortable than a cushioned seat. She was mistaken. It was funny, though.

Bizbee, Arizona: Up and down and up and down and up and down…

Provo, Utah: There’s two other dogs and they’re taking up my people’s attention! Don’t they love me?

Cocoa is held still by my brother as most of the cousins pose for a goodbye photo. We’re still missing two.

Boise, Idaho: My own island! Awesome!

Yakima, Washington: I was in the car the whole time.

Bend, Oregon: Snow, more snow, snow everywhere! (And it tastes good)

Sacramento, California: Seriously? Every day, on a leash!?!

Sacramento, California
Cocoa barking at the fake man in front of a store. She was really weirded out by it.

Carson City, Nevada: Something’s not right. I can see through the water.

Carson City, Nevada
Dad is sitting on a rock. Cocoa is nearby, staring into the water.

Prescott, Arizona: From rock to rock to rock to rock.

Prescott, Arizona
Cocoa stares longingly at the ducks in the pond just out of her reach.
Cocoa trudging along with dad at the Courthouse Plaza. We went to see the lit up trees. Cocoa was antsy.

Albuquerque, New Mexico: No freedom!!!

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Are we staying here forever, or is is just a few days.


White Sands: Yum! Snow! Wait, this isn’t snow!…. 30 seconds later. Yum! Snow! Wait, this isn’t snow!….. 30 seconds later. Yum! Snow! Wait, this isn’t snow! What is it?

White Sands/Las Cruzes
Cocoa about to go into psycho dog mode where she runs around, tearing up the ground. It’s extremely funny to see, especially back in Spain, when all she could do was run in circles.

Grand Canyon: I’m going to fly off the edge after a bird! Wait, I’m stuck with my people. Why????

Grand Canyon
Cocoa has tried to pull dad off the cliff several times.

Petrified forest: It looks like wood, but it smells not like wood, more like stone. It’s also everywhere around me!

Petrified Forest/Arizona
Cocoa once again is not facing the camera, she is staring down the hill.

Bryce Canyon: Down, down, down, down we go, then, suddenly, up, up, up, up we go.

Arches: Booooooooooring. So there’s some arch things in the ground. Big deal. Why don’t you take me with you atleast?

Zion: *Sigh* I’m left in the car again.

Cocoa in the one part of Zions National Park that she was allowed to visit.

Redwoods: The birds are so much higher than me! Why can’t I be big and the trees be small?

Cocoa anticipates the throw of a stick at the river in the Redwoods. She anticipated wrong.

Gold Bluff’s Beach: Winner, winner, elk dinner!!!!

Cocoa was very interested in all the elk!

Death Valley: The air feels different. Oh well, it feels different every time.

This is my best guess at what Cocoa would describe each place. I hope you enjoyed her summary. Also, I couldn’t find pictures for some of the places, sorry.

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