Freak Alley Gallery & The Brave Squirrel

FREAK ALLEY GALLERY You enter a small alley. Everything seems normal, until you glance at the walls. They’re covered with paintings of all kinds! The wall has not a single blank space on it, and some people’s drawings are squeezed in between others. There are words, drawings, paintings and more. Everything is covered. Doors, signs,Continue reading “Freak Alley Gallery & The Brave Squirrel”

Wait, this is strangely familiar! Are we back in Spain?

We look around, and to our surprise, there’s a museum covered in a strange language that seems vaguely familiar. We take a closer look and realize it is the Euskadi language, a unique language that is only spoken in Spain and parts of France. We think we had better check it out! Inside the building,Continue reading “Wait, this is strangely familiar! Are we back in Spain?”

Zion National Park – guest post by Juliett

First we drove through the park. It is very beautiful. There are lots animals in the park and they will cross the road anywhere, any time. So beware! My mom and dad said we were going to sleep in a campground before we saw the rest of the park. I was mad because I wantedContinue reading “Zion National Park – guest post by Juliett”

What happened here? A giant (very giant) meteor?

This national monument located in Arizona is a monster hole. And it’s also deceiving. From the top of this hole, it does not look as deep as it actually is. But, if you hike down to the very bottom (it’s a mile deep!) and look up, it seems as though you’ll never get out. ItContinue reading “What happened here? A giant (very giant) meteor?”

It looks like wood… but it feels like stone. What is it?

This National Park located near Flagstaff, Arizona is full of wood that is hard to the touch like stone. Several other different locations put this National Park on the map. The Newspaper Rock is one of them. On this rock, there are drawings and paintings and engravings from several generations of people. There are handprints,Continue reading “It looks like wood… but it feels like stone. What is it?”

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